6" x 10" Ash Blue Rhombus Ceramic Wall Tile 50 pcs (9.5 sq. ft/box)

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The Ash Blue Rhombus Ceramic Wall Tile offers a fresh perspective on classic tiling. The rhombus shape is not only visually engaging but also opens up a realm of patterning possibilities that can adapt to both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

This product has PEI Rating of 3 (endurance and hardness indicator), and therefore is suited for residential countertops, walls, and medium-traffic floors.

The tranquil ash blue shade brings a calming yet chic atmosphere to any room, complemented by a gentle variation in tone that adds depth and interest. These tiles are crafted to stand up to moisture, making them a robust option for moisture-rich areas.

Each box contains 9.5 square feet of tile, amounting to 50 pieces, allowing for ample coverage and design flexibility. Embrace the blend of modern aesthetics and functional excellence with our Ash Blue Rhombus Ceramic Wall Tile.

Dimensions: W 6" x L 10"
Thickness: 9mm


10 in

6 in

9 mm