About Us

About Habitat ReStore

Habitat ReStore is a chain of non-profit home improvement retail stores with 10 locations across the Greater Toronto Area, owned and operated by Habitat for Humanity GTA. We sell home furnishings, appliances and other renovation materials at a fraction of the price. Our items are donated from businesses and individuals and undergo inspection and testing to ensure they meet our high-quality standards.


All our proceeds support the construction of new Habitat for Humanity homes across the GTA. When you shop or donate items to Habitat ReStore, you can feel good knowing that you are directly helping lower-income families own a home in your community. At the same time, you are also making a positive impact on the environment by helping to extend the lifespan of perfectly re-usable items that otherwise would have gone to waste, decreasing our collective carbon footprint.


Make Habitat ReStore the go-to place for all your household needs, including:

  • Renovating – save money on flooring, lighting, cabinetry, kitchen and bath fixtures and top brand appliances.
  • Decorating – some of Toronto’s top fashion designers shop Habitat ReStore for that one-of-a-kind piece and you can too. We sell works of art, chandeliers and vintage items that will enhance your home’s character.
  • Furnishing – whether you’re redesigning a room to maximize space or moving into a new place, we have a wide variety of tables, sofas, chairs and beds.
  • Upgrading – we sell electronics and a wide variety of smart home devices like lights, plugs and more to automate your home.



The first Habitat ReStore in Canada was opened in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1991, and the concept has since grown to include hundreds of locations across the country. The first Habitat ReStore in the GTA opened its doors in 1995.