In order to answer the question, there are a few key points that we need to clarify first.

1. Habitat Restore is the social enterprise of Habitat for Humanity GTA. Social enterprises seek to maximize profits while maximizing benefits to society and the environment.

- Proceeds from ReStore help fund Habitat GTA’s homebuilding activity for families in need of a safe, decent, and affordable place to live.

- Habitat ReStore reduces the need for the production of new materials and the consumption of natural resources. It extends the value of household items, eliminating unnecessary waste, and ultimately decreasing our collective carbon footprint.

2. Our pricing structure is specific to Habitat ReStore in the GTA (we have 13 store locations and an online store).

3. The donations that we accept and sell tax-free to the community are gently-used or brand new.

4. Like other retailers, we have operational expenses such as staffing and rent.

There are two main goals that we attempt to achieve through the pricing of ReStore items.

1. Earn as much revenue as possible for the charity so that we can help more working families in need of a decent place to live.

2. Provide unique furniture and home improvement items to the community at a reasonable price (we are not a cheap alternative to traditional retailers). Many people use our ReStores to find items that they can’t find at other stores, to experience the past in a new way, and find items for DIY projects such as upcycling and repurposing.

Although we’re not perfect, we strive to price the items that we sell at the lowest price if not one of the lowest prices on the market.

We accomplish this by:

-Assessing the condition of the items we accept and receive

-Researching how much the items or equivalent items sell for at other retailers.

-Appraising items on initial assessment and once again by store staff upon arrival

-Basing initial pricing on volume i.e. how many of these type of items we have in stock

-If we can’t find the price, we base it on our ReStore sales experience, and how in-demand the items are at any given time.

When you shop at Habitat ReStore you support Habitat for Humanity GTA, the families we serve, and the environment. It’s a win-win-win! If you have any questions about our pricing please talk to one of our Habitat ReStore staff.