It’s not just individuals who donate furnishings and appliances to Habitat ReStore. Businesses of all shapes and sizes – especially builders and developers –  are discovering the benefits of donating items. 


How does the program work? 

If you have a showroom, model home or any other kind of home-themed display and no longer need your furnishings and appliances, our dedicated team can take your items fast. Rather than pay for a costly service to move and store your items or worse, see them go to waste, contact Habitat ReStore. Our team will quickly, safely and conveniently remove items like furniture, appliances, electronics, and home décor items. In addition, if you have a fully renovated showroom or model home, our deconstruction team can quickly remove windows, lighting, cabinetry, flooring and any other items you no longer need, leaving your site ready for renovation or other next steps.  

Your items will then be sold at our Habitat ReStore and you will receive a charitable donation tax receipt. A full list of items we graciously accept is available at our website. 


What are the benefits of donating to Habitat ReStore? 

“We really do pride ourselves on being friendly and fast,” says Executive Vice President of Operations, Rob Lee. “Let’s say you are a builder and you need to tear down a site right away. Put in a quick phone call to us and we will prioritize you and have your space cleared of almost anything you don’t need that’s still in great condition – within two to three days.” 

Items donated to Habitat ReStore support Habitat for Humanity GTA’s efforts to build affordable homes for local families. Showrooms and model homes typically feature top-grade items that, while may no longer be useful to builders and developers who need to move on, are tremendously valuable to ReStore’s customers who are looking for quality at a fair price. 

“Just by donating your items to Habitat ReStore – your business is playing a leading role in helping Habitat GTA to build more homes and you’re fulfilling your own corporate stewardship objectives. That’s something leaders can be proud of,” says Lee. “We encourage businesses to donate and let your peers know that you’re supporting a great cause.” 

Supporting Habitat ReStore is also good for the environment. Builders and developers who donate to Habitat ReStore are extending the life of furniture and home renovation items, reducing the need for the creation of new products.  

“When you donate a couch for example, you’re helping to protect our natural resources because now you’re reducing the need for a manufacturer to extract wood, plastic, cotton and other materials,” says Lee. “So when you provide quality items to ReStore you’re also playing a role in helping to reduce our collective carbon footprint.”  


How do I take advantage of Habitat ReStore’s services? 

We strongly encourage builders and developers to contact your nearest Habitat ReStore. Once we have an idea of what you’d like to donate and your timeline we can mobilize a team and have your space cleared as soon as possible. We understand that businesses are often under tight timelines and we pride ourselves on working with you to meet your needs.