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Enhance your winter home maintenance with the Roof Deicing Cable Kit, designed to safeguard your roof, eaves trough, downspouts, and more from ice damage and leaks. This comprehensive kit is equipped with everything you need for a straightforward installation, ensuring your home remains protected throughout the winter months.


Efficient Protection: With a power output of 5 W/ft (16 W/m), this 30 ft cable delivers consistent warmth to prevent ice dams and buildup, keeping your roof and drainage system clear.
Comprehensive Kit: Includes roof de-icing cable, shingle clips (SKU 0356045), cable spacers, an owner's manual for easy setup, labels for your circuit breaker and on/off switch, and mounting clips (SKU 0356044) for a complete installation solution.
Easy Installation: Preassembled and ready to install, the kit allows for a hassle-free setup, ensuring your roof is prepared for winter without the need for professional help.
Safety Certified: UL listed for safety, with a file/certification number LR21208, providing peace of mind with its proven reliability and performance.
Energy Efficient: Consumes just 5 watts per foot, offering an energy-efficient solution to ice buildup.
Warranty: Comes with a 2-year limited warranty, ensuring long-term performance and satisfaction.

Wattage: 150W total
Length: 30 ft (914.4 cm), perfect for covering essential areas prone to ice formation.
Must be plugged into a ground fault protected outlet for safety.
Protect your home this winter by preventing damaging ice dams and ensuring your gutters and downspouts remain clear and functional. The Roof Deicing Cable Kit is your all-in-one solution for a safer, more efficient home during the cold season.