Picassimo -A Crazy Award Winning Jigsaw Drawing Game for Ages 8+

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Embark on an artistic adventure with HABA's Picassimo, the award-winning jigsaw drawing game that turns everyone into a modern-day Picasso! Ideal for 3 to 6 players aged 8 to 99, Picassimo is the perfect game for family gatherings, parties, and creative play sessions.

In the quaint art gallery of Forgerville, a crisis has erupted: masterpieces by the likes of Paco Picassimo and other renowned artists have vanished right before a major exhibition. It's up to the players to recreate these lost artworks in the most imaginative ways possible.

Game Play:

Creative Drawing: Each player picks a term from their card and draws it on their erasable drawing board. Everyone draws simultaneously, igniting a frenzy of creativity.
Mix and Match: A transformation card is revealed, indicating which parts of the artwork need to be swapped with others. This twist adds a layer of hilarity and challenge, as players try to decipher the newly assembled masterpieces.
Guessing and Winning: The key to victory is not just in the drawing but also in guessing what others have depicted. Correct guesses earn points, leading to triumph.

6 Privacy Screens
6 Erasable Drawing Boards
18 Nation Cards
150 Term Cards (with 900 terms across 3 difficulty levels)
7 Transformation Cards
6 Scorecards
6 Non-permanent Markers
With 900 terms spread over three levels of difficulty, Picassimo ensures endless fun and replayability. Whether you're a natural artist or someone whose best effort looks more like a chicken than a goblin, Picassimo promises laughter, creativity, and a dash of competition. Gather your friends and family and let the artistry (and guesswork) begin!