Climate change is the most important environmental challenge facing our planet. It will take both sweeping structural change and every day green solutions to address the root causes of this global issue.

A key component in the climate change fight is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Naturally occurring, greenhouse gases trap the heat from the sun, allowing our planet to maintain an ideal temperature range for sustaining life. Modern human activity such as the burning of fossil fuels, large scale agricultural practices, and intensive mining of natural resources have caused a massive increase in the number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, particularly carbon dioxide and methane. The environmental impact of a business, product, or service can be evaluated in terms of the greenhouse gas emissions it generates. This is commonly referred to as a ‘carbon footprint’.

According to the Government of Canada’s furniture manufacturing industry profile, the Canadian furniture industry is one of the top 10 producers of furniture worldwide. The manufacturing of furniture uses up natural resources and raw materials such as marble and wood, plastics for packaging, and gives off gasses from spraying and coating. Not to mention transportation emissions from delivering furniture across the globe.

The Habitat ReStore model reduces the need for the production of new furniture and further stress on our supply of natural resources. It extends the value of quality, new and used furniture and household items and limits unnecessary waste, decreasing our collective carbon footprint. And with over 100 Habitat ReStores across Canada (12 in the GTA) and more than 1,000 worldwide, Habitat ReStore is an accessible, environmentally-conscious home furnishing solution.

Shop in-store or online today and join us as we move toward a brighter world, both through the building of inclusive communities and green living practices.

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