The Ennis Piano Company was established in Hamilton, Ontario Canada in 1886. Ennis was a smaller Canadian firm that grew slowly but steadily through the 19th Century. By the turn of the 20th Century, the firm was building several styles of upright (primarily) pianos which were distributed mainly throughout Canada.
The Ennis Piano Company experienced serious financial difficulty by 1910 and was auctioned off to The R. S. Williams Piano Company in 1911. R. S. Williams continued to build instruments under the Ennis brand name although these instruments were essentially R. S. Williams pianos. Ennis pianos built after 1912 shared the same serial numbers with R. S. Williams instruments. In the early 1930's, the Ennis Piano Company was absorbed into Canada’s large Mason & Risch Piano Company.


  • Used antique piano in solid condition with the possibility of further restoration
  • Serial No: 51975
  • Made from solid wood 
  • This antique piano had been first tuned on October 29 1974 to it be last tuned on March 4 2002
  • This piano was used by the Victoria County Board of Education which was located in present day Kawartha Lakes Ontario 
  • Has the following engravings Theo Foster Nov 22/28/52, Bobover School April 1/54-Nov 8/55
  • 61'W x 26"D x 55"H



55 in

61 in

26 in