Solid Red Oak Flooring in Warm Dark Brown - 20.46 sq ft/box

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Red oak flooring in warm dark brown is pre-finished and measures up to 32 inches. This solid hardwood flooring is a 100% natural product. Solid wood floors provide exceptional sound and thermal insulation. Multl-bevel milling to make the flooring smoother.

Beautiful grain texture of natural wood brings a sense of warmth and authentic feel to any space. Canadian red oak flooring is designed for residential spaces. During warm and humid summers, it is not unusual to wood to expand. 

Length: 13”
Width: 4.25” 
Thickness: 0.75”
Installation: Nailed, Stapled or Glued
Relative Humidity: 45-55%
Made in: Canada
Color: Warm Dark Brown/Chichi


0.75 in

4.25 in

13 in