Honeywell Wifi-Enabled Water Leak & Freeze Detector

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Safeguard your home against water damage with the Honeywell Lyric™ Wi-Fi Water Leak & Freeze Detector. This cutting-edge device offers peace of mind by providing early warnings of water leaks or freezing conditions that could lead to costly damages. It's battery-operated, with a long-lasting battery life of up to 3 years, ensuring continuous monitoring without frequent maintenance.

Stay informed no matter where you are, thanks to mobile and audible alerts sent directly to your cell phone, compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The Lyric™ Detector not only detects water leaks but also monitors temperature and humidity levels, alerting you to conditions that could freeze pipes or harm valuables.

After an incident is detected, the device can be easily reset and reused, making it an invaluable part of your home safety toolkit. It conveniently connects to your home's Wi-Fi network without the need for an additional hub, allowing for seamless integration into your smart home system.

Expand the coverage area with the included 4' water sensing cable, ensuring broader detection zones. With the free app, you can monitor the status of the device and receive updates, ensuring your home is protected at all times.

The Honeywell Lyric™ Wi-Fi Water Leak & Freeze Detector is not just a smart choice for water leak detection; it's an essential investment in the protection and safety of your home.