GE Cool White Fluorescent Bulb 2 Pack

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The GE LED 15W InstantFit 4 ft. T8 linear tube is the easiest way to replace linear fluorescent light bulbs with an LED solution. An electronic instant start ballast is required for use, with no modifications to the existing fixture that it houses and no rewiring necessary with this Instant Fit design. Using only 17 Watts of energy, this is a 47% savings compared to a 32-Watt linear fluorescent bulb. Mercury free. Non-dimmable. Instant on. Performance is not affected by low temperatures (temperature range -20C to 45C). Tube is made of glass.

  1. In strip fixtures, this 15 Watt, 2100 lumens, 4000K LED T8 provides equivalent foot candles (useful light) as a 32 Watt, 2850 lumens, 4000K, fluorescent T8. Actual light output may vary due to fixture and/or application.
  1. Saves up to 47% in energy costs. Contains no mercury.
  1. Instant fit design means that no modifications are needed to the current fixture housing instant start ballast, nor rewiring, simply plug it in and use
  1. Ideal for use in general lighting applications where fluorescent lighting is used, and are perfect for applications with frequent on/off switching cycles like laundry rooms, kitchens, garages, as well as commercial use in offices and hospitals
  1. Daylight (4000K) Glass lamp
  1. Long life - lasts up to 36,000 hours or 22.8 years when used 3 hours per day, 7 days a week.