This modern organic dining chair is a harmonious blend of form and function. Crafted with precision, this chair features upholstery, steel, and injected foam materials1. Its innovative design, characterized by an organic shape, exudes freshness and technical prowess. The curved silhouette and airy lightness make it an icon of modern aesthetics. Delicate seating ensures comfort, while polished chrome legs provide stability.

Whether for family dinners or elegant gatherings, our modern organic dining chair elevates your space. It offers a fresh take on the traditional dining chair, combining comfort with a light and delicate appearance. The use of a new production process allows for a comfortable seating experience without compromising the chair’s delicate form2. Enhance your dining experience with this modern, emotionally resonant chair that promises to be more than just a seat—it’s a statement of style.

Please note that the actual product may vary slightly from the image provided. 

Dimensions: 21” L x 16” W x 38” H
Color: Dark Grey


38 in

16 in

21 in