Jeffrey Court Nimbus 10mm Marble Mosaic

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Mosaics are excellent as stand-alone pieces or used with complementing stone, ceramic or glass field tiles. Blending products from multiple boxers will ensure a uniform look. Natural stones have substantial shade variations. Glass mosaics are not recommended for floor applications as they are susceptible to scratching. Mosaics containing copper or metal may not be used where there is consistent moisture in wet areas or submerged. This included, but is not limited to: showers, steam showers, fountains and pools.

  • Mesh-mounted Mosaics can be used as a whole sheet or cut to make affordable feature strips.
  • The use of a white polymer modified thin-set is highly recommended to achieve the best installation results
  • Measure coverage area. Purchase at least 10% extra material to account for mis-cuts, breakage and material to replace tiles in the future
  • Plan tile placement prior to installing. Mix tiles from multiple boxes for a uniform look. Cut sheets from back with a utility knife. Use a wet saw with a diamond blade to cut tiles.


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