Roof Cleaner- 950 ml

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  • 5 1/4" wide, 2 5/8" deep, 9 3/4" high
  • Spray and Forget House and Deck Outdoor Cleaner with Hose End Adapter removes stains caused by algae, mold, and mildew
  • Powerful concentrated exterior cleaner saves time with no rinsing required
  • Removes stains caused by algae, mold, and mildew
  • Hose adapter easily attaches to garden hose
  • Keeps cleaning long after application
  • Great for use on brick walls, decks, fences, driveways, walkways, siding, and stucco
  • Treats 400-600 sq. ft. and is able to reach the second story with adequate water pressure
  • Apply every 6-12 months or at the first sight of new staining
  • in its original bottle, in excellent condition


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