Maax Utile Shower Wall Back Panel - 60" x 80" - Composite - Arctik Grey

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Introducing Maax Utile Shower Wall - Back Panel in Arctik, sized at 60 inches by 80 inches, this composite panel redefines shower renovations. Cost-effective and simpler to install than ceramic tiles, it's hassle-free to maintain. Crafted with durable polymer and multilayer reinforcement, this Arctik grey model ensures longevity without damage, accompanied by a glass shelf included in the purchase. Installable with MAAX acrylic bases, it requires side walls (2 for alcove or 1 for a corner setup). No protective sealer is necessary, allowing for quick and easy installation. It boasts a solid, one-piece build that allows for accessory installation and features the Ulok system for precise alignment, ensuring a swift, mistake-proof installation directly onto studs. Upgrade your shower in just a day instead of the usual three with this resilient, low-maintenance shower panel.



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