Interior Pre-Hung Door 80 x 210 x 10.8 cm- Grey

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Introduce a touch of modern sophistication to your interiors with our "Grey" Interior Pre-Hung Door, perfectly blending aesthetic appeal with functional excellence. This door is meticulously designed to provide privacy, enhance sound insulation, and complement your contemporary or minimalist decor. Ideal for residential or commercial spaces, it promises durability and style.


Dimensions: The door measures 80 x 210 x 10.8 cm, a size that's versatile for standard openings in modern buildings.
Core and Paneling: It features a robust, turtled honeycomb core, providing lightweight strength and stability, covered on both sides with 4 mm thick panels for a sleek finish.
Advanced Technology: Incorporating Microtek technology, this door achieves a superior level of durability and resistance to wear, with a finished thickness of 44 mm that ensures a solid, premium feel.
Frame Construction: The door comes pre-hung in a blockboard frame with an R 3 rating, ensuring structural integrity. An anti-noise rubber gasket is included to minimize sound transmission, enhancing the quietness of your space.
Aesthetic Flat Cover: Finished with a flat plywood cover (art. T85-65x12 / 20mm), adding an element of sophisticated design to the door's appearance.
The "Grey" Interior Pre-Hung Door is not just a functional addition to your space but also a statement of style, designed to meet the needs of those who value both form and function in their living or working environments. Its elegant grey finish and modern design elements make it a versatile choice for enhancing the ambiance of any room.

Please note this product does not come with Door Hardware