Ginga Kobo - Wooden Crab Bath Toy

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2015 Japan Good Toy Awards Winner.

Made in Japan, the toy is handcrafted with Hinoki wood, a type of Japanese cypress wood which is known for its durability and natural fragrance.

This crab can swim and walk sideways. This crab toy is designed to be played in the bath! A nostalgic wind-up with rubber band design which brings back memories.

Wind up the paddle in the middle and place it on the surface of the water, and the rubber bands will power it and the crab will swim! You can also place it on the floor to get it moving. For children who do not like bath, this is a good choice to get them interested in bath time!

Material: Hinoki
Suitable Age: 2 y/o+
Dimensions: ‎L 6.3 " x W 4" x D 2"


6.3 in

4 in

2 in