Full kitchen cabinet set

Set includes 6 upper cabinets, 4 lower cabinets, stainless steel sink with faucet as well as a small section of stone countertenor

Stove seen in pictures sold here

Upper cabinet dimensions:

  • Deep over fridge cabinet: H24'' x W33.25'' x D24''
  • Over range cabinet: H2'' x W30.25'' x D13''
  • Double door upper cabinet: H39.25'' x W31.5'' x D13''
  • Corner cabinet: H39.25'' x W12.5'' x D27.5''
  • Open faced cabinet: H39.25'' x W30.25'' x D11.5''
  • Single door upper cabinet: H39.25'' x W16.75'' x D13''

Lower cabinet dimensions

  • Sink base: H36'' x W55'' x D23.25''
  • Skinny stove side cabinet x2: H36'' x W6'' x D24''
  • 4 Drawer double cabinet: H36'' x W49.25'' x D24''


36 in

55 in

23.25 in