Introducing the “61” Refrigerator - White," a testament to modern living where style meets substance. This refrigerator, model GTH15BBRELWW, is a marvel of efficiency, boasting a modest energy consumption of 40W and an electrical rating adaptable to 100 VAC 50Hz and 110-127 VAC 60Hz, drawing a mere 6.5 AMPS. Its dimensions of 28 1/8" W x 61" H x 28 1/4" D make it a perfect fit for any kitchen, ensuring ample storage without occupying excessive space.

The temperature control feature offers precision cooling, keeping your food at the ideal temperature. The dairy compartment and gallon storage provide specialized spaces for your dairy products and larger containers, while the two full drawers and three full shelves in the fresh food cabinets allow for organized storage of all your essentials. The freezer is equally impressive, equipped with two ice trays and two door shelves, ready to accommodate all your freezing needs. This refrigerator is not just an appliance; it’s the centerpiece of your kitchen, promising convenience, reliability, and elegance in one sleek package.

Dimensions: 28 1/8" W x 61" H x 28 1/4" D
Max Watts: 40W
Tested: Working Condition
Temperature Control
Elect Rating: 100 VAC 50Hz, 110-127 VAC 60Hz, AMPS 6.5
Dairy Compartment 
Gallon Storage
Fresh Food Cabinets: 2 Full Drawers
Fresh Food Shelves: 3 Full Shelves
Freezer Components: Two Ice Trays, 2 Door Shelves


61 in

28.13 in

28.25 in