4' x 4' Outside Fastening LoE3 Double Glazed Clear Glass Skylight

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  • Brand: Columbia Skylights 
  • Fixed Curb Mount
  • Brown Aluminum Frame 
  • Model: # GLVCM5252DGLEA
  • Skylight utilizes a maintenance free white vinyl base frame with an integrated 4-sided gutter (our Condensation Control Technology) to collect any condensation caused by Canada's extreme climate.
  • Designed for inside curb dimension of 46.5 in x 46.5 in (Outside curb 49.5" x 49.5").
  • Recommend use of aluminum flashing kit Model FKCM 52B
  • Double Glazed LoE3 clear glass, allowing 65% visible light transmission. Blocks 95% of harmful UV rays. (Tempered/Tempered)
  • Slight damage in corners (See pic)