Upholstered Chair with a Wooden Frame – 16.5” L x 19” W x 30.5” H

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The product featured on the webpage is an upholstered chair that seamlessly integrates with a wooden frame. This armchair strikes a balance between style and functionality. The chair’s construction cleverly conceals its joints, contributing to a sleek and clean aesthetic. Despite its lightweight design, the chair maintains remarkable sturdiness, ensuring both durability and longevity. Whether placed in a cozy kitchen nook or an elegant dining room, this chair adds comfort and sophistication to any space.

The chair’s upholstery provides a soft and inviting surface for users, while the wooden frame exudes warmth and natural beauty. The seamless integration of the upholstered seat and backrest ensures a cohesive look, emphasizing both form and function. Its hidden joints not only enhance aesthetics but also speak to the craftsmanship behind this piece. Whether you’re enjoying a meal with family or settling down for a quiet read, this armchair promises comfort and timeless elegance. 

Please note that the actual product may vary slightly from the image provided. 

Dimensions:  16.5” L x 19” W x 30.5” H
Color: Blue and Black


30.5 in

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